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Here's why it is important to service your car regularly


The words ‘car service’ probably do sound familiar when you own a car. All vehicles require constant servicing to ensure that they run smoothly without any issues. Taking in your car for service may not only save you time but can also save you some cash in the long run.

Here we look at how important is regular servicing your car.

  •  Reliable vehicle 

Nothing worries me more than having to drive an unreliable vehicle because I can never know when something will go wrong. So, taking your vehicle for a regular check minimizes the risks of a car breaking down and thus resulting in expensive and unexpected repair costs.

  • The value of your car

Each and every vehicle comes with a service history booklet. Without a timely maintenance history, the value of the car is normally affected when it is time to resell it. No car buyer would want to buy a vehicle that has been poorly maintained.

  • Help reduce engine wear

A vehicle’s engine contains a lot of moving components such as piston rings and oil seals that wear and tear over a certain period. Regular maintenance will ensure a good running powerplant.

  • Improve fuel economy

It is no lie, a vehicle that does not skip any maintenance will save you big bucks when it comes to fuel.

  • Safety

Though overlooked, safety remains a priority. Regular servicing your car will also minimise the chances of getting stuck on the road at an unsafe place.

  • Performance

A healthy car means that your vehicle runs at its peak performance – something that also saves you time and money.  


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