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How to Sell Your Car Quickly: 6 Steps


These days people can easily afford a car for themselves. Banks are also playing a major supporting role in buying new or used cars if someone wants to. One can easily arrange the finances if he/she is planning to purchase a new car. But in case, if you ask car owners how to proceed if they want to sell his/her car, you’ll not get the relevant suggestions.

When it comes to selling your car, the first thing that comes to your mind is the traditional method of approaching the car dealers and spreading the word within your friends and family. Considering a few lined-up steps, you can easily sell your car avoiding the big cuts of the local car dealers.

Step 1: Get Your Car Serviced

First, take your car to an authorized service center and get all the scratches and dents fixed. Make sure that your car is free from blemishes. Check for each and every functional part - Is it working fine or not? Get all the repair works done so that the buyer will have a positive response at the first look.

Step 2: Collect Your Paperwork

The second step is to collect all the documents like your car’s registration certificate, title holder, and insurance certificate. Also, arrange the service records of your car as they are important documents that need to be included with your car paperwork. Place all the papers in a file in order so that the buyer can have all the information in one go.

Step 3: Visit a car selling website

Now you need to visit an online car selling website as there are plenty of portals currently operational in the South African market. First, check for the reviews and gather all the information like how to upload the required details on the portal and the fee structure if any. Vehicular is a popular car portal where you will find various used cars for sale in South Africa. It allows car sellers to list their cars and get contacted by buyers directly.

Step 4: Post Your Car Pictures & Details

Click a few nice pictures of your car. For this, park your car somewhere with a neat background and take some 10-15 pictures of the car covering all sides & angles, both for interior and exterior. Make sure before uploading the pictures, they should be clear and in focus. Also ensure, the expected price you fill in the car portal should not be too high or too low.

Fill every detail for each field asked on the portal. Try not to leave any field blank, as every detail about the car will be very helpful for the buyer.

Step 5: Get Contacted by Buyers

Car selling portals in South Africa help a lot in selling & buying used cars these days. Only required thing is to create a good profile for your car. Once you are done with the profile, you will start receiving queries from prospective buyers.

Step 6: Close the Deal

Individual buyers, car dealers, and others will enquire about your car. Now you have to screen the potential buyers. Share the document copies if required and fix a convenient time for physical inspection of the vehicle. The buyer might ask you to inspect the car by his own mechanic or any other authorized service center.

The next step will be the payment & documentation part. You can sign an agreement with some advance amount and mention the handover date on it and put all mutual terms and conditions you & the buyer agree for.


Take the benefits of vehicle buying & selling portals like Vehicular to find a profitable deal and it will not take more than a few minutes to advertise your used car. You can also avail offers as these portals provide many exciting deals if you sell/buy any vehicle using their portals.

At Vehicular, you can easily sell your car without any hassle. Besides offering used cars for sale in South Africa, we enable car owners to trade in or sell your car with guaranteed offers from verified buyers, paperwork assistance, and secure payment.

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