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Mercedes-Benz says the S-Class is still very relevant despite SUV boom


It is no lie, the whole world has gone SUV mad and manufacturers are always fighting for the number one spot every month about who sells how many units.

However, Mercedes-Benz is still in full confidence regarding its S-Class sedan that recently made its debut last week.

In an interview with CarsGuide, Mercedes chief Ola Källenius shared his thoughts with a handful of media personnel.

“With regard to relevance, the three-box sedan in the luxury segment remains highly relevant”.

With that said, Källenius is happy with the number of SUVs the brand sells every month and according to Motor1, the GLS is the main key point in the Mercedes SUV lineup, as well as the GLS Maybach, answering the SUV demand from its customers.

But Källenius isn’t losing hope with its three-box vehicles, especially the S-Class. According to him, the upper-luxury segment sedans “seems to be very, very solid.”

For the record, the biggest market for the S-Class is in China where 700 S-Classes are sold every month.

Sadly, the Coupe and Convertible versions are getting axed.

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