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Peugeot Citroen bracing for return to business


While many of us will be rejoicing in the lifting of restrictions, we remain cognizant that some strict precautionary measures will have to be observed.

Peugeot Citroën South Africa would like to assure everyone concerned that the company is committed to ensuring that every single one of their customer's safety and well-being is their priority, during and after a visit to any-one of its Peugeot or Citroën dealerships, service centres or aftersales divisions.

“Under the detailed guidelines issued by the Government, we can assure our customers that and that everything possible will be done to keep our staff and customers safe and healthy once we resume our daily work routine.” Leslie Ramsoomar, MD of Peugeot Citroen said.”

“We are therefore strengthening our existing safety and sanitation protocols in line with the latest scientific and medical advice and will put the following comprehensive actions in place at all of our Dealerships”. “I’d like to add that our teams are fully trained and proficient with regard to the necessary safety instructions in order to protect our customers as well as to protect themselves.”

Daily deep cleans of all showrooms will be conducted and bathroom facilities and tabletops around the showrooms sanitized on an hourly basis.

Showroom display vehicles will be disinfected after every customer sits in one and demo vehicles will be disinfected prior to and after each test drive.

To ensure ultimate protection for staff, signs deterring physical interactions with others such as handshaking, socialising during lunchtimes and distancing themselves in the work environment will be installed.

In the workshop areas all necessary precautions such as disinfecting the steering wheel, gear lever, handbrake, seat and floor mats will be carried out. The keys will be disinfected and placed with a file in a tray at reception for the customer's collection. Safe distancing will be practised at all times.

By taking these steps we are doing everything we can to ensure that our facilities remain safe for everyone and that our customer service can continue as professionally and unaffected as possible. 

Taking delivery of new vehicles

Customers can be assured that every security measure will be put in place to ensure their well-being when purchasing a vehicle from any one of our Dealerships.

All the essential precautions such as disinfecting the vehicle and the keys will be carried out.

  1. The customer will be given the option to sign documentation alone in an identified and disinfected office.
  2. Customers will be required to use their own pens for the signing of any documentation.
  3. The wearing of gloves is MANDATORY for any handling of files/documents by the staff.
  4. Documents and keys exchanged between the salesperson and the customer will be placed in a dedicated tray in order to respect the 1m distance to be kept. The trays and pens will be disinfected between use by each customer.

Should the vehicle be delivered to the customer’s home the necessary precautions such as disinfecting the keys, steering wheel, gear lever, handbrake, seat and floor mats will be carried out in front of the customer.  

A partial hand over of the vehicle will be done by the salesperson wearing protective gloves and masks, respecting the 1m distance rule. A more comprehensive handover will be scheduled to take place once it is safe to do so.

Customers will be encouraged to download the My Peugeot App which will explain all the features of the vehicle in the meantime.

“Customers are urged to contact our call centre should they have any questions regarding the above-mentioned steps.”

“We wish our customers and their families good health and safety and look forward to welcoming them and serving them once again in the not too distant future,” Leslie concluded.

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