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Safety: How to Protect Your Car from Scratches?


Seeing the scratches on your favorite car can be quite disappointing. However, there are several ways you can consider to take care of your car from all types of scratches, stains, or spots. The best part is that you do not need to spend hundreds of dollars and a huge amount of time on maintaining the newness of your vehicle. Regardless of age, taking care of your car’s exterior finish will get admiration from people around you. Take a look at what you can do to keep your vehicle’s paint shiny, clean, and protected.

Wash Your Car:

You can start the procedure by washing your car with the help of a cotton mitt or a microfiber mitt. Consider using good quality cleaning products or products with standard pH balance. Non-detergent formulas prevent stripping off the wax and do not let scratches combine with lubrication. Cleaning products should include a gentle conditioner to boost the shine of the vehicle.

Do Not Forget to Dry:

Do not just leave your car wet as it can build the water spots everywhere. This water enters the paint’s coating and can harm the shine. Materials like microfiber and polyester can cause light scratches on the surface. 100% detailing cloth or sheepskin chamois can work better. Or you can buy super absorbent drying towels that are proven to be scratch-free and lint-free.

For deep cleansing, do not forget to use clay bars that remove unseen contaminants stuck in the paint. It can remove the dust particles that may come from the drying stuff. 

Do Wax Polish:

Waxing is mandatory if you have just used the cleaner or polish. If you choose a good wax, it can last for about 10 months and protect the paint from all kinds of external elements like dust, scratches, UV rays, or contaminants.

It’s better to apply the coating of wax every six months. It can help with a marginal increase in fuel efficiency that happens because of less drag. However, before doing the wax procedure, do not forget reading wax recommendations provided by the manufacturer.

Use Paint Protection Film:

One of the best ways to protect your car’s paint against scratches is by applying a protection film. It is a clear film applied to the entire body of your car that protects the vehicle from external elements like rocks flying from the road, dust, grime, UV rays, heat, and tar. Though it is a little expensive, it provides great protection for 5 years. If you have a tight budget,  apply it to certain areas like the doors, front and rear bumper, and roof. Some other similar ways include using clear coat protectors, vinyl wraps, etc.

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