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Smaller Volkswagen ID.1 electric car reportedly on the cards


A fresh new rumour has emerged that Volkswagen could be hard at work readying its entry-level electric car that will likely carry the ID.1 insignia.

According to Car Magazine U.K, the ID.1 will boast the same footprint as the VW e-up and will likely feature two battery options, 24 kWh and 36 kWh.


Vehicular further dived into the report which continued to state that the battery pack will reportedly have 298 km of driving range.

Car Magazine U.K. also reported that ID.1 spin-offs are underway, such as an ID.1 Crozz and e-Roomzz van. Of course, the ID.1 electric city car will be underpinned by the versatile MEB architecture, just like the ID.3 and ID.4.

For the record, Volkswagen recently announced that it will launch 75 electric cars and 60 hybrids by 2029.

Great news for green energy advocates !


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